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Hebeloma fastibile - Büscheliger Fälbling

aktualisiert: 26.08.2017 21:35:03


Hebeloma fastibile was the type of the genus by default as it was the only taxon mentioned by Fries (1821) when he established the tribus of Hebeloma. Unfortunately, the lack of consistency in the interpretation of this taxon has led to huge difficulties. The proposal to accept the lectotypicification of Kuyper & Vesterholt (1990) by the plate of H. laterinum (Batsch) Vesterh. and to conserve the name H. laterinum against the name H. fastibile. Further it was proposed that H. mesophaeum replace H. fastibile as the type of the genus. Both proposals have been accepted, subject to final ratification.

Source: Baker, Eberhardt & Vesterholt (2016)